Life is STILL good! It just is!

I’ve been absent. I have to tell you though that in whatever shape it takes, life is still good!

On April 10th our son had a serious accident at his home in Minneapolis. My husband and I got the call at our respective workplaces and life momentarily stopped. We live five hours from our son and that day, while it took us 3 1/2 hours to get to the Twin Cities, it seemed like days. With the excellent care of a wonderful medical team, steadfast prayers, care and concerns from family, friends, acquaintances and, yes, even strangers and overwhelming monetary and emotional support from a HUGE cast of characters, we are slowly putting each individual tile of our mosaic of lives back together. My husband and I wrote journal entries nearly every day from April 10th until our son came home four weeks later and continue to do so periodically on a Caring Bridge site. If you are interested, you can read more about our journey by searching Purple and Lime Green on Caring Bridge. You will need a Caring Bridge account but it doesn’t cost anything.

For all intents and purposes, we have Andrew back! And Life is STILL good! It just is!

Getting back to the sewing machine and the knitting needles had been a little slow in coming at first. But when I did, I wanted to make a dent in the WIPs that had been piling up in boxes and drawers around the house. (BTW, that would be the house we took off the market because we were in the middle of all of this STUFF and also, because we maybe didn’t realize what we had in our neighbors and in our community.)

I had hoarded some Amy Butler Belle fabric awhile back when I found it on sale.


and I used a pattern from the book Dessert Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott that my daughter had gotten me for Christmas a few years back. Dessert Rolls are 5″xWOF with a line of fabric all in one roll. I had the fat quarter bundle and with a few extra yardage purchases, I could make a larger quilt. Instead of the 3×3 block layout in Pam and Nicky’s example, I went with a 4×3 layout yielding a 95″ x 74″ quilt which is much more versatile as a bed size quilt. You can read about the slice and dice way of putting these blocks together in this blog post from almost a year ago. (Well, that’s a bit embarrassing.)


When I was made the first block, I totally crushed on that center medallion and how it created those sort of chevron stripes. And just like life itself, it all just comes together sometimes with no purpose or intent of your own. I think my sister saw this and said, I WANT THAT ONE WHEN IT’S DONE!

I just love the way Amy Butler uses leaves and waves and paisleys and modern colors to give her designs a modern paisley vintage sort of feel. I wish I could have really played up those paisleys and quilted it with some cool feather borders but if I waited until I was able to free motion feathers, well, it would never go from a quilt top to a quilt. Instead, I focused in on that center stripey chevron square and created radiating curvy lines filling in a few of them with pebbles.


The sashing, stop border and outside border got some figure 8’s, more curvy lines with pebbles and wishbones respectively.


The border fabric is Green Tea by Kona Cotton. I found yardage of Coriander in Olive from the Belle line for the back that made such a warm sea of olive green and chartreuse in a classically wonderful design of coriander branches. You can see a little bit of it peeking out there at the seat of the chair. It shows up in other parts of the quilt top too. That chartreuse color reminds me so much of the beautiful chartreuse hydrangeas my sister had at her previous house. I can’t grow hydrangeas to save my life.


Because of the backing, I used 2910 Medium Olive Aurifil in 40 weight because I’m not super confident of my free motion quilting skills yet and I wanted the stitching to fade away in most of the collection on the front but especially on the back. I like the idea of finishing my own quilts because I know I’m getting better at FMQ with each one but also because it’s just so gosh darn expensive to send it out to a longarmer.


I finished it off with a scrappy binding with fabrics from the Belle line. How I love me a scrappy binding!!!!

I may not be able to grow hydrangeas, but I CAN grow hostas. Check out the chartreuse borders in these giant babies on the north side of our house! Oh wow and look at that quilt!  🙂


I really enjoyed this sew and slash method for this block and I think Amy Butler’s designs really lent themselves well to the technique. Of course, the blocks came together super fast but the whole thing just had to sit in my WIP drawer while I flitted away on something new. They all come around though, right? Eventually.

I’m off to go see what other quilt top can come out of the naughty drawer/box for my next finish.

Random Thoughts

1. I’m awestruck with the colors bursting in our yard again this year. After a dry summer last year and sort of a pitiful turnout of the flowers, this year has renewed our yard a bit. I’m grateful for how well my husband cares for it so that I can enjoy its beauty. I especially love that I can take a quilt outside and find somewhere in our yard to photograph it that totally complements the colors in the quilt.

2. My food tastes are so predictable with the changes in season – much like everyone else’s I suppose. I made some homemade limeade over the weekend and it just tastes like summer in a glass. I also had a strawberry mojito after a bike ride in some of our hottest summer weather on Saturday. So refreshing! I just love me some citrus right now. In fact, I’m craving lemon bars!

Thanks for tuning in! And don’t ever forget that LIFE IS GOOD! IT JUST IS!!!




3 responses to “Life is STILL good! It just is!

  1. I am so sorry to read about your son’s accident. I would be happy to ask the prayer warriors at my church to pray for him if you send me an email and just provide his first name and a brief statement of what part of his body you’d like prayers for. Or it could be simply, I’d like prayers for my son, Sonny, who sustained injuries in a home accident in April. We ask that he recover fully and is able to return to his previous activities. Meanwhile, I will keep you and your family in my prayers.


    • Thanks Mary! That’s very kind of you. His name is Andrew.


      “I cannot pretend to be impartial about the colors. I rejoice with the brilliant ones, and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns.” – Winston Churchill


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