My apologies. It’s been pretty quiet on this blog but not really quiet in my real world. This is all very good because I sort of hate dislike March. It’s just so gosh darn long and the threat is very real that winter is going to rear its ugly head again. Just moments ago I got a text from our son and Minneapolis is under snow as we speak.  Ugh!!! It’s a travesty really!!!

So I’ve been absent from here because I’ve really only been working on one (very boring) thing. I’ve been straight line quilting the heck out of this:


I’ve literally been working on this since January – sometimes in the damp, cold basement; sometimes in the room vacated by our daughter after she returned to school from winter break. But it took for-freaking-ever!!!!! Every time I met up with one of those big circles I would have to knot and bury the threads. With a needle . . . . and bad eyes!

0322151224 I think that’s what took so long. But I’m so glad I went to the extra effort because I love the effect of the circles filled in with pebbles. It reminds me of cells contained in a petri dish a little bit. Not that I’ve seen a lot of cells in a petri dish but I would imagine it would be like this. We’re going to say they are good cells! Like the ones that fight infections or something.

0322151224aThe pattern is Do Si Do from Faye Hoch at Twin Cities Quilting in Minneapolis. It’s completely done with fat quarters which is my way to buy fabric. All the fabric is by Marcia Derse, even the back, and was all bought on sale through a series of several trips to Twin Cities Quilting and my local quilt store Keep Me In Stitches.


My lines are randomly spaced 1/4″, 1/2″ or 1″ apart. There’s a little bit of puckering but I think once I wash it, it will all pucker up a bit giving it that wonderfully supple old quilt appearance and feel.

I also used some of the leftover blocks on the back to add interest and cut down on the amount of backing used.


I used a lovely variegated Aurifil thread in 40 wt called Marrakesh for the quilting. Now, doesn’t that sound exotic? I did a scrappy binding of more Marcia Derse fabric. You can see the petri dishes full of cells a bit better on the back.


But anyway, it’s done (zippity do dah) and gracing our bed right now. (That’s the back of another Marcia Derse quilt I did a few years ago down at the bottom of the bed. Yes, it still gets mighty cold here at night. One quilt is NOT enough.)


At least until we move. Which is the big news of the year and what has been keeping us so busy. Every single ticky tack project is done and the house gets listed for sale this week sometime. Fingers crossed. For what, I’m not really sure.

I’m keeping this short and sweet folks because the office got moved into that aforementioned damp, cold basement and I just can’t seem to warm up my fingers. So enjoy the pictures and I hope to be back much sooner than I was this time. Hopefully with something interesting too!

Life is good. It just is. AND IT REALLY IS!!!



One response to “Finally!

  1. Yep, life is good, and the quilt is DARN good! I do love the Marcia Derse fabrics. I’ve never made any quilt from only one line or one designer, but if I did, it would probably be with hers. (Note to self, look for MD fabrics at the Chicago show this week…)

    Good luck with the house sale. Been there, done that…


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