Best Laid Plans

I was really hoping to post about my first quilty finish of 2015 by this time but that really has not come to fruition. Something about the rest of life getting in the way of quilting. I did finish piecing this lovely Do Si Do quilt designed by Faye Hoch of Twin Cities Quilting in Minneapolis using the lovely fabric collection of Marcia Derse.IMG_1511

I had the idea of doing walking foot quilting in a spiral format with overlapping circles. And then I made my first attempt at sewing a circle somewhere near the middle of this queen size quilt on my domestic home machine. Let me just say, my chiropractor and I would have become quite cozy with one another.

Plan B was to sew random circles (not spirals) and then random straight line quilt around them filling the circles in later with pebbles. While that is the plan I’m sticking with, I had no idea that I would need to commit a decade of my life to completing it. Most of the lines are 1/4″ apart – what was I thinking?


I’ve been working on it for about three weeks and am about halfway done. Along the way, I did learn about Frixion pens and how the ink disappears when it’s touched with a hot iron. I was using a disappearing ink fabric pen to trace my circles from household objects but I was literally racing against time. By the time I was getting to the midpoint of the circle’s circumference while sewing, the ink was already fading to a point where my sorry eyes could no longer see it. The Frixion pens came to the rescue and are working stupendously. I did hear that the ink can return when temperatures fall below 14 degrees F. The woman in the instructional video I watched said, “And when is that really ever going to happen?” Apparently, she’s never been to Wisconsin!

Here’s some more shots of my (lack of) progress:




I do have something I finished in the new year to show you though. Remember when I talked about wanting to knit myself a garment after I finished my 100 pairs of mittens project? Well, I did it!! Introducing the Delish Cardigan by Karen Pearson in her book “Knit to Flatter”.


I am quite proud of myself that it actually fits!


It’s knit in a lovely Madelinetosh superwash Merino wool in Hosta Blue. Much of the piece is seed stitch which is actually very forgiving of mistakes – and I’m certain there are some!


Mr. LB took these photos at Shellattes, a coffee shop/used book store in Neenah, Wisconsin.  The lapels are knit in garter stitch that gives it a lovely roll inward.

0125151045I purchased Chris Bylsma’s Craftsy class on Seaming Handknits to put all the pieces together and BOY! did I learn a lot from that. Not just how to seam but to knit your pieces to make seaming so much easier. I wish I would have watched it before I had all the pieces knit. But it will be great knowledge for next time, right?


I’ve worn this several times and no one has really said anything about it so I’m assuming it looks store bought. I’m okay with that!!0125151046

Random Thoughts

Mr. LB and I were hunkered down for the day after we got a nice coating of freezing rain overnight. I rummaged through the freezer to find something for supper and scored when I found a ham steak leftover from when the kids were home for the holidays. Free potatoes scored at the grand opening of a neighborhood convenience store made for an outstanding comfort food meal of scalloped potatoes and ham.


Oh, just look at that melty Swiss cheese on top! Yummalicious! This one is from one of those church recipe books with the handwritten text – an oldie but a goodie!!

Life is good! It just is!




4 responses to “Best Laid Plans

  1. OH my gosh, 3 big winners! The ham and potatoes… to die for. The sweater, beautiful. And the quilt is fabulous. Great fabrics, great design. You’re making wonderful progress on the quilting, too. I’ll look forward to seeing it when it’s done.


  2. I highly doubt there any errors in your beautiful sweater, dear sister. I know you would have ripped it open and fixed it! Love your studio setting – two of my favorite things – books and coffee and of course you in it. Nice photo shoot Mr. LB. Do Si Do = spectacular. Hammaliciousness!


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