Hello It’s Me!

I’ve thought about us for a long, long time.

If you’re not old enough to remember 1972, you probably won’t know that opening line from a Todd Rundgren song. Even if you remember 1972, you probably don’t even know who Todd Rundgren is. But there is that other hit he had “Bang the Drum All Day” that you’ve probably heard at your favorite sporting event. Anyway, Hello It’s Me seemed appropriate from someone who hasn’t posted it awhile. It’s very typical for that to happen when I start a free motion quilting project. They just take so LONG and there’s only so much you can say about the progress. But I’m done! And I’m here to show you!!

This full size quilt is for my great niece Emma! My niece asked me to make quilts for her lovely three daughters. Emma is the oldest and she wanted a quilt with rainbow colors and lots of pink and purple. Me & My Sister’s LOL line fit the bill but first I had to wait for it to be released. You see Emma’s mom asked me LAST Christmas to make quilts for her daughters. One a year???  We’ll see. Anyhow, this pattern is Diamond Crosses from Kate Henderson of TwoLittleBanshees.com. I really enjoyed making it even though there ARE triangles! Ugh!


There are 42 blocks in this quilt. I’ve come to realize I REALLY like block production because you get to decide color combinations and see them come to life. (I love color!)

IMG_1451Layout of those blocks to be pieced together can be a bit stressful for me. I always fear that I’m going to make some blatant error and not see it until it’s too late. Like put all the purples in one corner! Tragic, I know! I guess there’s always better ways but I try to just go with my gut instinct. When you start moving things around and overthinking things it just turns out bad. This I know from experience!

IMG_1461After a Saturday spent crawling around on the floor pinning, quilting commenced. It’s a very sad thing when you can hardly walk the next day and then realize you are sore because you were pinning a quilt the day before.  😛

Because it was the Thanksgiving holiday and our house becomes a weekend boarding house for our college aged children, I set up shop in the living room. Something I’m sure Mr. LB is thrilled about as he has to perform acrobatics in the morning crawling over my sewing paraphernalia to open the shades. But once I was there, I wasn’t moving.

And that’s when everything else pretty much grinds to a halt. Even a simple FMQ design takes me FOREVER! Three weeks later, I was finished. And I’m quite pleased with the result. Here’s some close-ups of the quilting:



On the back, I used Kona Wisteria and made a giant diamond cross block to break up all that purple . . . not that that’s a bad thing. 🙂


I’m happy with the way the quilting looked on the back. That’s always a concern of mine as I’m not the most experienced FMQer just yet. I haven’t washed this one yet but it already has that soft, scrunchy, wrinkly look of a time worn quilt.


I did a binding with a flange using Susie’s Magic Binding technique that I’ve used in the past but this time I made it 2 1/4″ instead of 2 1/2″. While the position of the stitches proved better and the binding is completely full (as in it is completely filled out with quilt batting) the 2 1/4″ is too narrow in my opinion and I like a wider binding better.


I do LOVE the color play in this quilt though. So bright, so cheery, so “little girl” without being juvenile. LOL is another great line from Me & My Sister!


The quilt measures 87″ x 76″. Here’s one more full shot:

Can you tell our Wisconsin weather hasn’t been exactly pleasant? We haven’t seen the sun for days. It’s worse than what you see here; I’ve already brightened these photos by a considerable amount. If you squint a little, you can pretend it’s London . . . . or better yet, SPRING!! How lovely, I slept through WINTER!

Random Thoughts:
While the kids and Mr. LB were traveling after Thanksgiving, I gave a lot of thought (probably too much thought) to how we explain our travels. Kindly, all three of them let me know their progress on their trips and I was thinking about their texts as I received them. Mr. LB was ON the plane; our son was ON the bus; our daughter was in the airport waiting to get ON her plane while I was IN the car driving back home from the airport. We ride ON a bike or ON a motorcyle. We travel ON a plane or ON a bus, or ON a train. But when we use a car for transportation, we are IN the car. Why do you think that is?

Thanks to all of my family, friends and faithful readers, all my mittens have been sold and I will be fulfilling my commitment to the Friends of Haiti mission. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have done this project and I hope all of you are happy with the mittens you’ve purchased. Most importantly, I hope your heart is warmed as well as your hands knowing you helped the less fortunate. I haven’t stopped knitting. In fact, here’s what I’m working on:


But that’s for another post!

Life is good!



5 responses to “Hello It’s Me!

  1. Your quilt is beautiful. I like all the bright colors and how the pattern made secondary patterns aft the blocks ee sewn together. I love the mittens you sent – just haven’t decided who to give them to.


  2. Annette, you talent amazes me. I love the purples. How lucky those girls are to have one of your quilts. I’m sure they feel the love.
    Beth Janssen


      • Annette… you would cringe to see mine. I just buy king size sheets and batting. Nothing fancy for sure. Maybe some bias edging to tie it off. I did want to use some of my mother in laws sweatshirts cut in 1 1/2 inch strips continuously instead of bias edging for the outer edges of my quilt. The time you have invested just blows my mind. So tedious, but obviously gratifying. Your final stitching all over is amazing.


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