I have mittens!

Midwesterners LOVE to talk about the weather. I think it’s because it helps define us as a “tough” people. But it’s probably also because the weather here changes a lot. A LOT. Winter is already rearing it’s ugly and hated head and we haven’t even hit the middle of November yet. Ten days from now the high temperature isn’t expected to hit 20! I tell you – THIS is cramping my style! But the good news for you is if you aren’t fully prepared for the blustering cold, I’ve got mittens for you!!


Yes! I have finished my last pair of mittens as part of my Friends of Haiti Gratitude Mitten Project. You can read more about it here. Last year, after overwhelming support from you, I completed and sold 51 pairs of mittens donating all proceeds to Friends of Haiti. I took a few weeks off and started knitting again in January making an additional 49 pairs to reach my goal of 100 pairs. I pre-sold 20 pairs but still have 29 pairs to offer for sale. Here is my current color offering:


From top: Pink, Red, Red, Fuschia, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Purple, Purple, Marbled Purple, Champagne, Champagne, Cream, White (I have one more dark gray or light gray in reserve while someone decides which of those they want.)

From top: Dark Blue, Heather Blue, Variegated Blue/Green, Medium Blue, Chocolate, Chocolate, Dark Brown, Forest Green, Medium Green, Lime Green, Lime Green, Sage, Mustard, Yellow

(I found the Panera catering boxes were perfect to hold my inventory as I completed them. I’m a sucker for cool packaging!)


This project has humbled me greatly. I was so moved initially by Father Larry’s message of human dignity. But his message isn’t just about meeting basic needs for those people living in areas where it is difficult to do so. It’s also a message that we can live here in a country so rich in abundance. We have so much but yet we sometimes treat each other so poorly.


This project wasn’t easy for me. I was challenged by arthritis, tendonitis, and shear boredom. But the one take away that I wanted for myself was to treat others with dignity. Unfortunately, I’m still a work in progress. And fortunately, I’m still a work in progress.

If you are interested in purchasing a pair (or pairs) of mittens, please send me a direct message at nettestudio23@yahoo.com. The cost of mittens is $10/pair and, again, the full purchase price goes to the Friends of Haiti mission. If you are not local and want to purchase a pair, I will have to add the cost of shipping. Most likely I will use the flat rate shipping boxes. I’ll be able to use PayPal for non-local transactions. Send me a message at nettestudio23@yahoo.com to consult further.

Last year I was overwhelmed with how quickly my inventory sold. I hope to see the same this year but I really don’t know what to expect. I will accommodate your choices as best I can and will hold your requests for specific colors for 24 hours from the time I receive your message. If I don’t receive payment via PayPal or you come by to pick them up, I’ll have to release them back into circulation.

Thank you in advance for your interest and your help with this project! I truly believe that little things like this CAN make a difference.

Random Thoughts

Number of stitches needed to complete 100 PAIRS of mittens in this pattern: 707,910
Approximate amount of yarn used: 17,000 yards (170 football fields) or 15,600 meters (about 39 laps on the track for my runner types)
Approximate number of hours spent knitting: 250
Roughly 15,000 miles (as most time spent knitting was as Mr. LB drove – to work, to visit our kids, etc.)
Times I’ve since told Mr. LB to slow down now that I’m paying attention to his driving again: 4

Mr. L.B. and I got ourselves some new towels this weekend. It became apparent that we needed them when we recently stayed in a hotel and they had nicer towels than we did at home. See here what I mean.


Life is good! It just is! (Right Dianne?)



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