A Christmas Quilt

I’m not a big fan of Christmas. I’m not really sure why that is but I think it’s a bunch of little things that kind of nag at me about the stress, pressure and excess surrounding the holiday season. Expectations have a huge part in it too; most often ones I put on myself. But my sweet daughter loves Christmas. And perhaps in that one way, I succeeded! I helped make her memories of the holiday enjoyable! Because she loves it SOOOOO much, I knew she deserved a Christmas quilt. I started this one much earlier this year after she gave me this last  year for Christmas:

Keeping the WIPs Under Control

And I bought this:

Keeping the WIPs Under Control

which ultimately turned into this:

IMG_1342The pattern is called Orange Squeeze but I’ve named my version:


after Kate Spain’s fabric line In From the Cold. So fun! It’s not too Christmas-sy – more wintery with mugs of hot chocolate:


And holly and gingerbread cookies:


And mittens:


OK, so those close-ups were really my shameless plug for my free motion quilting. So go back and look at those! It took me four weeks to do all that quilting on my home sewing machine so darn straight, GO BACK AND LOOK AT THOSE!

Thanks! 🙂

I didn’t mean for the quilting to get that dense on this quilt. I have to say, I was getting quite worried at the halfway mark that it was going to be this nasty stiff cardboard-esque quilt. I was already halfway through though and I just needed to maintain the scale. But after washing, it got all snuggly and bumpy just like it was meant to be. {Whew, right?} Took almost 2000 meters of thread. That’s 5 laps on the track.


I probably should have smoothed it out a bit more in this photo but it was taken in front of the Federal Reserve building in Minneapolis and I was a tad bit afraid that some armed security officers would be on my tail soon. This one on the campus worked out much better anyway:


I do like the irony of a winter quilt being photographed on a beautiful fall day! Sort of like how I took pictures of my sister’s Summer Garden quilt in the snow.

I used the entire dessert roll with whatever was leftover becoming the scrappy binding.


And now it’s on it’s way to North Carolina to bring a little bit of Wisconsin winter to our daughter and her house mates at college. And this shot here is my favorite:

Courtesy of our son!

Random Thoughts:

1. Speaking of mittens; an update on my Mitten Project: on my needles right now is pair 98! I should be finished in about 2 weeks!!! Yay!!! At which point, I’ll need your help! I’ll have to sell all 49 pairs to reach my goal. (I sold 51 pairs last year before Christmas.) BTW – they’ll still be $10/pair with all proceeds going to Friends of Haiti.

2. We recently gathered with our International Food Night friends for a Harvest Dinner where the main ingredient in our dish to pass had to be either something we grew or purchased from the Farmer’s Market. I think it was one of our best meals! We started appetizers with a delicious bruschetta with home grown tomatoes and basil. At the table, we were treated to squash soup with fresh from the garden parsley and bread with a compound butter of sun dried tomatoes and garlic. Mr. LB grilled some spicy stuffed green peppers for our main entree. And the creme de la creme was a decadent carrot cake (oooooo) and rich chocolate zucchini brownies. I highly recommend hosting a dinner party like this one. If you do, come back here and tell me about it. I would love to hear what you came up with!

Life is good! It just is!




4 responses to “A Christmas Quilt

  1. I’m new to your blog so went back and read about the mittens and human dignity. I’ll gladly buy a pair or more. In another post let me know how the logistics work. Am I buying the mittens and they’ll be given to someone in need where you live? Or do they go to Haiti? No need to respond to me individually as others may have questions – and you’re busy knitting. I love the colors of the mittens.


    • Hi Mary! Thanks for your interest in my blog and my mitten project. All the money from the mitten sale goes to the Friends of Haiti organization. You get the mittens. If I need to ship them, I would have to add the cost of shipping. They would probably fit in the smallest post office flat shipping rate box so whatever that costs. We can organize payment through PayPal.

      Thanks again!


  2. I’m not big into holiday themed quilts but I think yours is lovely! It’s festive without being overly christmas-y! Love it! And the FMQ makes me want to cry (in a very much admiring but commiserating kinda way cause wow that is dense!) =D


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