Rapid City – My Favorite Quilt

There hasn’t been a significant amount of sewing going on in my household of late. In fact, much of our time in the fall is spent in the car delivering kids to college and moving them from one apartment to another. Because of that I do get plenty of knitting and reading done. Mr. Left Brain loves to drive and rarely forfeits the wheel. When we got back from our travels, I wanted to make some strides in cleaning up my scraps.

IMG_1245(This is only a tiny, tiny, tiny portion of my cut scraps. Please don’t judge.)

And then got sidetracked with ideas to take care of said scraps.


Try to contain your enthusiasm! I think it will be cool when it’s finished with very little NEW investment.

Because it’s been awhile since my last post I wanted to share something a bit more exciting that cutting scraps and sewing nine patch blocks. So I decided to share with you my favorite quilt. I haven’t been quilting for that long but do I have my favorites.

I recognize I’m starting to develop a style – one without HSTs!! 😛 And (as if you didn’t know) I’m a HUGE fan of Elizabeth Hartman who blogs at Oh Fransson! It was her blog that I literally stumbled upon that got me started down this path. It would make perfect sense then that my favorite quilt would be one of her designs.


I completed this quilt over a year ago but never blogged about it. Rapid City is from Elizabeth’s book Modern Patchwork. I loved the opportunity to use such a vibrant color palette. It had some pretty humble beginnings.


Well before this blog was just an idea in my head. It has elevated to its honored stature vastly by not being used. I just love it so much and I wanted to “keep” it nice. It had not been used and not been washed. The fabric was crisp and pressed – the way I like my modern quilts. And then we went to Minneapolis. da da duh!

I took it along with us last weekend when we went to The Cities to move our son. I’ve been around a little bit in Minneapolis and LOVE the architecture there. With his help, I was going to find a fabulous brick building to do a big girl/big city photo shoot. In a bizarre turn of events, we were eating dinner at an outdoor restaurant when the heavens opened up and we were deluged. I’m talking monsoons – the rain was that fierce. In our scramble to get indoors, Mr. LB must have hit the button on the key fob to open the trunk of the car, ummm, where my quilt was resting. So it got a little wet, no big deal, right? But when I looked at it the next day after drying out, there was some definite water marks, rings, whatever you want to call them. It had to be washed. Serious sad face!! If you know about washing quilts, the batting shrinks up a bit and the cotton quilting fabric gets crinkly giving the quilt a time honored look to it. Not what I really wanted for my favorite quilt. And we never did get to take it on that photo shoot.


But Mr. LB, being the great husband that he is, humored me and we took it to a neighboring village to take these AWESOME shots! And it’s these photos and seeing it this way that makes me not mind so much that the quilt had to be washed and is a bit crinkly.


I bought all the fabric at my LQS so I can’t even tell you the exact names of the colors. A large portion of the prints are Australian aboriginal designs that lend themselves very well to this quilt pattern because of the bright colors and the fact that you don’t need a large quantity of them. They can be a bit pricey.


The back, which is included in Elizabeth’s design, is a large version of the front quilt block.


I just personalized it a bit.


It measures 64″x84″ and it was the first one I quilted myself by renting a longarm in a nearby town. 


These photos really tell me to look at the details of our surroundings. I thought this quilt had to travel over 300 miles to be photographed when in reality we found some great sites nearby just by zeroing in on the details.


Random Thoughts

1. I love the smells and flavors of fall. The weather has been unseasonably cool for September and our favorite coffee shop has brought back my favorite pumpkin flavoring. There’s something about the smell of pumpkin, the earthy smell of decomposing leaves or smoke from last night’s backyard fire that oozes fall. Not to mention the crowd cheering and whistles blowing of Friday night’s high school football game. You all know that. I hope there’s still plenty of summer weather left – my lone tomato plant is still loaded with green rotund bundles of sunshine and we have some exterior painting to get done. But I sure do love this time of year! (I wouldn’t mention how I feel about what comes after.)

2. Stop back in a few days. I’ll have something exciting (for me) to share with you!


Life is good! It just is!



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