A Smattering of Things from the Blogosphere

(I like that word – smattering. I hear it as onomatopoeia.)

It’s no secret that there are parts of quilting I’m not especially fond of. Half-square triangles (HSTs) come to mind and binding takes a close second. As official summer (before Labor Day) winds down, I thought it better to work on some smaller projects instead of adding another quilt top to the list of items to be quilted.


I had wanted to make myself a pincushion for awhile when I spotted this tutorial from The Sewing Chick for something I deemed relatively easy. But those pesky HSTs! I bit the bullet and decided to go ahead and make it using the scraps that I have been cutting to uniform sizes for what seems like forever! Well, my HSTs turned out absolutely perfect – all four corners matched perfectly in the middle; all four points were perfect at the seam around the pincushion. And then . . . . . . . I covered it up with ribbon. What? I know. I didn’t even snap a photo before doing so. I’m such a dope! I guess I’ll have to reproduce it again.

Here’s the back:


And as you can see from the pinholes, I’m using it quite a lot already.


I had been using a magnetic pin holder but I often stored by little snip scissors near it. When I would reach for my snippers, it would become magnetized and I’d pick up a pin or two. The act of retrieving the snippers and bringing it to what I was cutting would send the pins flying off the points. Oh, that sound of pins hitting the floor!! Because I share my workspace with Mr. LB and it becomes our son’s bedroom when he comes for visits, I thought it important that pins NOT be all over the floor. Thread clippings are another story.

The other project I worked on this week was rather impromptu. I had won a mini charm pack of Zen Chic’s Juggling Summer line at my local quilt shop several months back. I then bought several yards (way too much – what was I thinking?) of the cream angles that were part of the line in the hopes of making a table runner.  When Moda Bake Shop posted this recipe from Little Miss Shabby, I was inspired. And I had been itching to try out my new design boards I made using Bee in My Bonnet’s tutorial.


(Don’t worry; I fixed my mistake before the piece was all together.)

Here’s a shot of my design boards:


These colors just remind me of citrus. Which reminds me of summer. Which should be all year long!!

So back to my Juggling Summer table runner. I quilted it from what I learned from Jacquie Gering’s Craftsy walking foot quilting class. I decided to try the spiral and loved doing this one.


I’ll need a bit more practice on something larger but I really like the movement in this design. You’ll see it again somewhere in the future.


I bound my table runner using a new technique I found over at Flourishing Palms. My piece was small enough that I didn’t need to piece the binding strips – not crazy about joining the strips on the diagonal. This method is pretty cool and warrants some further experimentation as all but one of my corners is a bit Vulcan or elf ear-like. See what I mean?


Because of some plaguing tendinitis in my right arm, I decided to machine sew the binding using Red Pepper Quilt’s method. This worked better than it has in the past but because of the new way I did the corners, the binding isn’t “full”. In other words, if I had pulled the binding around even more to fill it out, the corners would be ever more Vulcan like.


The stitching of the corners on the back side looked better than what I’ve done before with machine sewing but still not what I was hoping for. I remain in search of my perfect binding routine. At this point, I think I prefer Susie’s Magic Binding tutorial from 52 Quilts.

All said and done, I rather like our new table runner.


And the colors coordinate perfectly with some Longaberger crocks that I’ve had for awhile. (I love it when things work out like that.)


Random Thoughts

1. The purging of the basement has commenced. Ick! But I came across some assembly instructions for a quilting frame that my mother owned. She had written some instructions for herself on the back and I got to thinking how very personal our handwriting is. I remember learning cursive in the 4th grade. Pretty sure my kids were learning it in 1st or 2nd grade. But what about now? I think that the art of handwriting is getting lost. Who wouldn’t rather get a handwritten thank you note in the mail over a mass e-mail message? I think we should all write something long hand each day. At least a sentence. My mom’s been gone almost seven years but my memories of her flood my mind when I see these few words on their page.


2. I’ll have some pretty exciting news (at least for me) regarding my blog real soon. Stay tuned!


Life is good! It just is!




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