A Call to Order – or Not

I love order . . . in the spaces around me and just in general, in my life. At stoplights, in parking lots or just when I’m driving or riding along, I notice color patterns in the cars around me. Weird, I know. My desk at work is pretty devoid of paper and I’m working toward a minimalistic approach at home. It definitely echos in my house because of the lack of “things”.  😛

I work with engineers during the day and I think that kind of thinking rubs off on me a bit. Traditionally, that is very much at odds with creative folk who are more free-spirited and rejoice in disarray and exploration. That is the conundrum that is me. I’d like to think I lean towards the creative side of the spectrum but there is this overwhelming, tidy, left brain thinking that keeps me from totally being an “artist”.

I’ve been wanting to change that.

In the textile industry, Amy Butler is a pretty renowned name. If you’re not a quilter, let me tell you that her fabric designs are edgy yet traditional. She uses bold colors with big prints, big sweeping flourishes that lean ever so slightly to paisley, uniform to some degree but not geometric at all. Oh, let me just show you what I mean:


Or this:


And this:


I can’t stop myself:


But there’s some simple ones too:


Get the picture?

I’ve always been a little resistant to using her lines because, well, quite frankly, I didn’t think I knew how. That maybe sounds weird to you but really, the design needs to allow for large pieces and, I think, some relative . . . . . . ahhhh . . . . disorder. There I said it!

But it was on sale!


And when I separated them out, man, they sure were pretty!


I played it safe and followed another one of Pam and Nicky Lintott’s patterns from the Dessert Roll book I got from my daughter for Christmas last year. And something amazing happened! Let me show you.

I started out with 3 fabric strips sewn together.


Then cut them into large squares. Paired them up with another set of three strips, rotating one set 90 degrees:


Like this:


Sewed them together on all four sides and then cut them on the diagonals:


To get this:


I grabbed the two opposite from one another and turned until I had this:


Sewing the four pieces together down the centers until:


And, all I can say is: WOW! Sometimes something completely unexpected happens and, well, you just love it!!


I have all 12 blocks made for this beauty and it will get sashed as soon as I find the right solid to complement that riot of color in there. Stay tuned!

By the way, this will be #6 for quilt tops completed this summer. Oh my gawd! She can’t be stopped!!


Random Thoughts

1. Because I couldn’t leave you without some type of food picture:


Lemon bread! This was AHHHMAZING! It really should be called lemonade bread – it was that good. Even if you don’t like lemons (what?), you have to like lemonade and, hence, you will love this bread! Find the recipe here.

2. Similar to my left/right brain conundrum above,  I’ve been having some issues with tendinitis in my right elbow so I’m trying to use my left hand for more things to give my right arm a break. Pretty sure, my mother, being the good Catholic mother she was, forced the left-handedness clear out of me when I was a child. Thus, my left arm is pretty useless. If you are right handed, have you ever tried using a mouse with your left hand? That is tricky!! I guess I’m still a work in progress myself!

Life is good!!




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