Waging War

I have declared war on my works in progress, projects stash and scraps this summer. Well, not so much my works in progress because there really aren’t that many – some table runners that I have to appliqué and a hexagon quilt I screwed up on. The table runners mean pulling the old machine back out as my dream girl only does straight line sewing. The hexagon quilt, oh veh, it just needs more time in the time out drawer. Bad quilt! 😛


But I’m definitely making progress on some quilts that I’ve had the bulk of the materials lying around for quite some time. I’m calling this stuff my projects stash.


I sewed together this Christmas quilt for our daughter.


I completed this quilt top using Zen Chic’s Comma collection. Being a former typesetter, I’m in love with this line of fabric!! Reminds me of days long ago.




I put together and quilted this table runner from the mistakes I made on Swoon. Love this little piece. I need to do more small projects.



I cut into some fat quarters I bought for the purpose of making purses and completed these two. (These will be for sale on Etsy in the foreseeable future – I promise!)

IMG_0900I had a quick finish last week with this quilt top called Pantone Pocket Change using an ombre jelly roll and a light gray background. Already have plans in mind for the quilting.

IMG_0888Finally, I decided to tackle this pile of disarray and cut these schnibbles into usable AND organized pieces. I’m doing a little bit at a time so I’m just showing you the before pix for now.


I have four more items left in the projects stash. This lovely assortment of Malka Dubrawsky’s fabrics is for another Do Si Do quilt. I made this pattern once before for my sister Carol which you can see here. There is just so much cutting involved in this one.

IMG_0902Another top with, oh gawd, yes, HSTs and flying geese. I know, right? There is just some fabric that is more suited to traditional quilt patterns rather than the modern fabrics I’ve come to love so much more. I’ve had a jelly roll of Sweetwater’s Noteworthy for some time and this line is one that lends itself better to tradition. I will not be beaten by HSTs and flying geese! Bruised pretty badly? OK but not beaten.


One more quilt top using this stack of fat quarters from Amy Butler. They were on sale; what can I say? I’m stepping outside the neutral comfort zone and going with a dark background on this one. I think it’s going to look very elegant.

Finally, our precious daughter would like a different bedcovering (#3) for her third year at college and has requested I sew a new duvet cover for the duvet that has been on her bed at home. All these wonderful quilts to behold and she wants a duvet. 😦 I was lucky enough to find 108” wide fabric that she liked for both the front and back. We are mimicking one she saw for over $250 on Pinterest for roughly $60. That will be a quick and easy sew. Perhaps I might even do a tutorial on this one. What do you think? Might you be interested in something like that?

My hope is that when she goes back to college, I will take over her room and quilt and quilt and quilt to my heart’s content turning all these finished tops (even the bad boy hexagon one) into actual completed quilts. Updates to follow.

Random Thought

This thought is not very economically friendly (so crucify me) but there are some things in life that you just shouldn’t have to re-use. Paintbrushes for instance – I think you waste more water cleaning out paintbrushes than what you are saving by saving them for the next project. I have a sister who would like to don a new pair of socks every day. I agree but mostly because I hate laundering and sorting socks. Mr. LB would like to slip on a new t-shirt each work day instead of wear his old ones. He insists they just fit better before they shrink. I have found my “new one every day” item and it is my running shoes. Well, I don’t actually run in them but they are runner colors – bright coral with light teal accents. Love them. However, I am a little perturbed that they’ve gotten dirty. Not with mud or anything, but just normal wear and I’m just not as pleased with them anymore. Dumb dirt!

Life is good! It just is!




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