Just Say No!

Having (and can I say successfully?) raised two teenagers, I am fully aware of all the evils of peer pressure. I remember someone telling me after they met our very high spirited son as a toddler that his somewhat defiant traits would bode well for him in the future because he was better equipped to ward off peer pressure. I think that was just someone trying to put a positive spin on the terrible twos/threes.

To some degree, I think we all fall victim sometime to the pressure of fitting in or wanting to belong. They even have a word for it in the business world – group think – but it all comes down to wanting to be like everyone else. And there it is! And to that I say “Phtooey!

I pretty much started quilting because I stumbled across Elizabeth Hartman’s tutorial for a mod sampler quilt. Here’s my version! Then I found out there was this whole universe of quilt bloggers and I started to see the same names popping up all the time. One of those names was Camille Roskelley. And if she isn’t just the cutest thing, with the neatest blog, and the most fabulous house and most adorable children. But I’m pretty sure her life isn’t as idyllic as it appears or what one might guess. I mean, three boys? That in itself could be the “someone yelling fire in a crowded room” moment right there.

But Camille had designed this one quilt pattern that everyone was making! And then came up with the most adorable name for it too! Swoon! EVERYONE was swooning! (Or at least it seemed so to a newbie like me.) And I just wanted to belong. Once again, many moons after my high school years, I fell victim to peer pressure.

I had purchased a fat quarter stack of Denyse Schmidt’s Flea Market Fancy and used the pink and orange colorway for a quilt for my daughter’s room at home. That left the gray/blue/green colorway and I decided to swoon along with all the other lemmings. 😛

I had just learned this great way of making flying geese and had bought the flying geese tool to go with it. This was going to be easy, right? You already know about my penchant for HSTs but flying geese rank right up there. This pattern has PLENTY of both. Because I am an orderly person, I like to make these “pieced” pieces all at once before starting to piece the blocks. It was after I had them all finished that I realized I made the flying geese opposite of what was needed. The background/foreground color was opposite. Ugh! (Lesson #1 – make a sample block before cutting/piecing all the pieces first.)


I found some more Flea Market Fancy online in order to correct my mistake. Then it all had to sit in a drawer for awhile because it was bad and was being punished.


I would work on it in between other projects quite half-heartedly. I don’t know if I will ever grow to like HSTs, flying geese or piecing triangle shaped things anytime soon. When they say working on the bias of fabric is difficult, they really mean it. (Lesson #2 – sometimes what you read on the Internet is, in fact, TRUE!)


When it was finally done, I toyed with renting time at my favorite longarm quilting shop but I had just completed a Craftsy class on straight line quilting when I finished this puppy. And with my new sewing machine with the generous harp space, I figured I needed to do this one completely on my own with the tools and skills I already had acquired. Plus my daughter was going out of the country for two weeks and if I kept busy on a project, I knew I would be less inclined to worry until the cows came home.


I backed it up with a DE-lightful line called Glimma by Lotta Jansdotter. I mean that name alone is so amusing. And I was able to use some of my errant flying geese to make a pretty decent pieced backing. Once, the back was pieced and the quilt was basted, I started falling in love with it.


I quilted it with concentric diamonds and chevrons that follow the pieces of the quilt with lines about an inch apart. After nearly 3 weeks of no other sewing other than straight line quilting, I completed my Swoon quilt! I added a scrappy binding of the rest of my Flea Market Fancy and, in the end, I’m really pleased with it. (Lesson #3 – sometimes we are our worst critics.)


When I figure out how to post this and some purses I’ve made to my new Etsy site, this quilt will be for sale.

Gosh, all this technology stuff is confusing!! I’ll let you know!

Life is good! It just is!!






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