Inspiration, Motivation, Affirmation and all those other Tions!

I read an article once about the effects to our psychological well being of “likes” on our Facebook statuses and photos. Wow! Online social networking has made us a bit shallow. I guess things haven’t changed all that much; just the medium from which we receive recognition has. We all need affirmation to some degree; we want to do a good job in our work and our hobbies; we want to be liked and we want the things we do and say to be interesting to others.


Blogs are really no different and I guess I just called myself shallow.  😛  The Blogger’s Quilt Festival gives quilters who have connected with quilting and/or with each other in an online community to give accolades to one of their own and garner inspiration for future projects. I apologize to loyal readers who have seen this quilt so much that you probably feel you had a hand in making it. But I am entering my Pinwheel Paradise into the Quilt Festival. Yippee! My first quilt “show”!!


I made this king-sized quilt for my sister, who at 54, got married for the very first time last month. It just took her a little longer to find Mr. Right!  At what a Mr. Right he is!! The wedding was beautiful, the bride was stunning and every little detail of the day was exquisite!!  I couldn’t be happier for my sister. If our mother were still alive, she would have made a really special quilt for her daughter.  With her gone, I just felt our sister deserved a little bit of handmade love from one of her siblings in an attempt to fill those very big shoes of our mother!


This quilt truly was a labor of love and went from start to finish in just three months of working evenings and weekends with one marathon weekend!


But I couldn’t be happier with the results and what I learned from the process.


Here are the specifics of this quilt:

  • Quilt measures 100″x114″
  • There are 672 HST’s
  • Blocks are 12″ square and there are 56 of them!
  • Sashing and background are Kona Cotton in Snow
  • Batiks are Tonga Treats in (go figure) Rainbow
  • Sashing and batiks were all precut 2 1/2″ strips
  • Backing is Carolyn Friedlander Widescreen in Black
  • Binding is part of a Christmas collection from Blank Quilting in 2013.
  • Pattern is a modification of Pam & Nicky Lintott’s Pinwheel Paradise
  • I rented a longarm machine at The Quilting Connection in New London to do the quilting.
  • And the bride LOVED IT!!


Feel free to go to The Blogger’s Quilt Festival site to see more entries and to cast your vote for “best in show” in all the categories but especially in the ROYGBIV category. Voting begins May 23. And I sure would LOVE it if you voted for me!!
Much thanks for your support!!!



7 responses to “Inspiration, Motivation, Affirmation and all those other Tions!

  1. I don’t know how you managed to keep all of those pieces straight! Wonderful piecing. The quilting looks so nice. Your sister and her husband must be thrilled. What a wonderful gift.


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