From the inside of a Hyundai

About the only thing Mr. Left Brain and I have been doing lately is riding/driving in a car. Which is why it has been such a long time since I last posted. With abundant gratitude, much of that time is me riding and him driving. I proposed the idea to him that he should engineer a way to run my sewing machine off the power adapter in the car. (Funny, we used to call it the cigarette lighter.) I could get so much more sewing time in. But with some careful planning, I was able to bring Pinwheel Paradise along on one of our 32 hour round trips to North Carolina to see our daughter. Strategically, I was able to hand sew the binding during that trip.


I’ve become so fond of striped bindings and this one is no exception. With all the color going on in this quilt, I decided to go with a black and white binding that had a touch of gold too. It was part of a Christmas line but I couldn’t tell you anymore which one. The backing is Widescreen in black by Carolyn Friedlander. Wow! I thought I died and went to heaven when I found out I wouldn’t have to piece this backing (not a favorite part of quilting for me)!


I finished just in time for the big wedding. What a delightful weekend it was! I couldn’t be more happy for my sister and her new husband! I snapped these pictures in the rare Wisconsin sun right before leaving for the wedding. On Saturday, we laid it out on her bed and it was actually a lot larger than I thought with plenty of quilt for a pillow tuck and drape on the sides and bottom. However, I couldn’t give her any advice on getting her husband from pulling it all to his side. You know the saying – Friends turned lovers. First they steal your heart; then they steal your covers.


Here’s a great detail of the quilting. I rented the long arm quilter at The Quilting Connection in New London. Angie was such a great help that day! This quilt was so big I did not think I would get it done in one day but she was so encouraging and had some great advice too. I really love the swirl pattern of this quilting – it gives it enough movement without competing with the pinwheels. It was relatively easy to do but provided a dense enough design. I’m going to practice this one a few more times until I can really be “as perfect” as possible with it before moving on to something else.


I also got another finish checked off my to-do list. Sarah’s Purrfect Fortune was delivered to her dad to give to Sarah for her graduation from 8th grade later this month.

I quilted this one on my home machine with a grid 1″ apart. I love the dense quilting that this provides but it’s not without it’s problems. More than anything, I learned you really need to be patient when you are doing straight line quilting as it takes an awful long time.




My new sewing machine is a dream for machine quilting though. I used a flange binding on this quilt that is machine sewn – a bit speedier than the traditional hand sewn method.

Finally, I finished a media bag for my great nephew who just turned two to take to church and the library.


This little guy loves tractors which I think is absolutely adorable. MY son’s first word was tractor (not mama, not dada, but tractor) because he would watch his grandpa (my dad) drive by on the farm tractor almost daily as Dad worked the fields.


I digress. Such good memories though! I think it’s awesome that this little boy’s mom (my niece) asked me to make this book bag for her son. I loved taking my own kids to the library and I really believe they are avid readers still today because of that. I hope my great nephew will get LOTS of use out of this!


More 1″ grid straight line quilting. Pretty sure I’m addicted.

RANDOM THOUGHT: My all time favorite book is the pink one in the back – Richard Scarry’s Best Story Book Ever!  I had it as a kid and I bought this edition for my kids when the first one was born. They’ve updated some things in it but I have the original text – the one with “The Handsome Pilot” and “The Pretty Stewardess”. If you have a minute, check out the link to see how social change can affect even the most minor things.

TTFN! Life is good – it just is!




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